Project Blue

“Scientists are building a telescope to seek another Earth — and you can help.” - Sarah Kaplan", The Washington Post

Alpha Centauri from Chile by Brett Marty, Speculative Films. 

Alpha Centauri from Chile by Brett Marty, Speculative Films. 

Project Blue is a privately-funded space mission to search for Earth-like planets around our nearest stellar neighbors — Alpha Centauri A and B — with the goal of revealing the closest potentially habitable planet beyond our Solar System.



Ten years ago, we didn’t know if planets like Earth were common in the universe. Then NASA’s Kepler mission launched and discovered thousands of rocky planets orbiting stars, some of which are at a distance from their parent star where liquid water could exist on the surface. It’s estimated that there are more Earth-like planets in the universe than people alive today. Taking a picture of one of these rocky worlds orbiting another star is our next big challenge.

Thanks to recent breakthroughs, the technology now exists to capture a direct image of an Earth-like planet outside our Solar System. And that's what Project Blue aims to do. 

Project Blue brings together scientists, technical experts and resources from BoldlyGo Institute, Mission Centaur, the SETI Institute, University of Massachusetts Lowell, and other institutions.

Team members are top experts in the fields of exoplanet research, instrumentation, advanced optical telescope design, and space mission development, and have been working for years on the science investigation techniques and technology that Project Blue will use.

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Key services we provided:

  • Crowdfunding

  • Grant writing 

  • HNWI fundraising

  • Communications

  • Partnerships

  • Science teams and contractors

  • Branding

  • Project definition

  • Outreach programs

  • Liaising with Chile

Reported directly to founders & CEOs.

We've been with Project Blue since its inception. We joined the founding team when the initiative was still a scientific concept and helped them turned it into the internationally-recognized public-private partnership that it is today. Since then, we've worked on a variety of organizational aspects and ran all kinds of sub-projects for two of the Project Blue co-founding institutions.

Here is an overview of some of our collaboration with Project Blue:

  • We provided ongoing support to Project Blue co-founding institutions the BoldlyGo Institute and Mission Centaur. We worked on a daily basis with the entities' respective CEOs.
  • We helped the founding team manage all their important relationships and oversee both internal and external communications. The relationships and communications we managed include those with the Project Blue science teams, consortium partners, investors, crowdfunding donors, NASA Ames and international counterparts).
  • We designed, developed, and executed two crowdfunding campaigns from start to finish. The first was on Kickstarter and the second on IndieGoGo. Additionally, we've supported the Consortium in their fundraising efforts through networking, grant writing, and the preparation of investors' pitch.
  • We developed STEM outreach activities from scratch such as the Mission Centaur Balloon launches. Here is a blog we wrote about it.
  • We've worked on developing an official collaboration with Chile at a governmental, foundation and research level. We are currently working on a Project Blue fellowship program that would enable the involvement of Chilean graduate students in the mission. 

What theY say


"Matatea has had a positive influence on our organization, helping us to accelerate progress on a range of projects. She stresses the importance of achieving organizational outcomes and is adept at professionally dealing with adversity when things don’t go as planned. She has helped to maintain team cohesiveness, effective communications, and focus on meeting program objectives, often while facing key deadlines and milestones." 

Dr. Jon Morse, CEO, BoldlyGo Institute