Our founder started working with these different projects over the course of the past 8 years. From 2018 onwards, Space2Leap will become the interface of any past, present and future projects and will involve a growing number of extraordinary people.



TUMU - A home for Pacific Innovation

TUMU is a global membership-based community designed for Pacific Islander professionals, by Pacific Islanders. Pacific Islander professionals around the world lack unification, resources and organizing power to become meaningful change agents in the island communities they care about. TUMU’s mission is to facilitate connection, collaboration and innovation within the global Pacific Islander community through a wide range of Pacific-centric resources, spaces and opportunities.


Blue Frontiers - Building the world's first sustainable floating islands

Blue Frontiers is a Singapore-based company on a mission to realize the promise of seasteading. Blue Frontiers will build sustainable floating islands with unique governing frameworks and the specially-designed cryptocurrency, Varyon. Floating Islands can mitigate sea level rise which are hurting islands and coastal nations. Bringing together an ecosystem of environmentally conscious technologies on a single platforms will create exciting new opportunities for the future.


Project Blue - The Search for Another Earth

Project Blue is a privately-funded space mission to search for Earth-like planets around our nearest stellar neighbors — Alpha Centauri A and B — with the goal of revealing the closest potentially habitable planet beyond our Solar System.

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Moorea IDEA - Island Digital Ecosystem Avatars

Moorea IDEA, also known as Moorea Avatar, is a digital representation of the Pacific island of Moorea's ecological and social systems that draws on the best available scientific knowledge to show what the island looked like in the past and to predict how it might look in the future.

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Moorea Ethnocode: Coding Polynesian Knowledge of Biodiversity

Moorea Ethnocode is about creating a place for Polynesian traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) in big data science. The objective is to design a tool that is able to code and express the cultural DNA of the island and present it in a format that is easily accessible, usable and meaningful to the local community.

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The Chile-California Council - A strategic association for the 21st century

Initiated by Chile's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the CCC is a innovative foreign policy endeavor turned into a nonprofit dedicated to building strategic partnerships that facilitate the exchange of knowledge and technologies between Chile and California in education, science, sustainability, and entrepreneurship. 

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Land Above Water - Energy + Biodiversity Moorea

Land Above Water is one of our founder's personal projects. She co-founded Land Above Water to provide sustainable development solutions for islands. Land Above Water's mission was to promote energy and resource independence, long-term biodiversity preservation and management, equitable and modern economic models, and developmental and cultural reinvigoration and empowerment.

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Eneraysén - Renewable Energies of Aysén

Eneraysén is a Chilean company proposing five run-of-river hydropower projects in Chile's Region of Aysén as a low-impact alternative to existing large-scale projects with the objective to meet local energy demand, reduce the cost of electricity, as well as the city of Coyhaique's air contamination levels.


APEMEC - Asociación de Pequeñas y Medias Centrales Hidroeléctricas

APEMEC is a Chilean nonprofit created to represent and protect the activities of small and medium hydropower plants. APEMEC provides technical and market information to project developers, raises awareness of the obstacles the sector faces and designs solutions for them, builds a network of key players, and encourages the creation of incentives and subsidies from the government.