"Apemec sigue creciendo a toda máquina", Ediciones especiales, El Mercurio

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APEMEC is a Chilean nonprofit that represents and protects the activities of small and medium hydropower plants. APEMEC provides technical and market information to project developers, raises awareness of the obstacles the sector faces and designs solutions for them, builds a network of key players, and encourages the creation of incentives and subsidies from the government.

"Por una energía limpia, nuestra y de gran impacto social"/"For an energy that is clean, ours, and of positive social impact" , Pedro Matthei, Executive Director, APEMEC

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shared journey


Our founder worked with APEMEC in 2010 as a project coordinator in charge of designing the EXPO APEMEC—the first international small hydropower fair in Chile. The conference attracted 800 participants from all around the world, including key technical providers from Europe and Brazil and the Chilean Energy Minister. It received national coverage and attracted sufficient sponsors to pay for itself. Today the EXPO APEMEC is a yearly conference.

In additional to the EXPO APEMEC, our founder also worked on side research projects with the goal of demonstrating the potential of the hydroelectricity on a small and medium scale and the role it could play in the government's energy vision to reach 20% of Non Conventional Renewable Energy sources in their matrix by 2020. Collecting data on a national level through survey and events empowered APEMEC to better negotiate for the government’s support in removing legal barriers to projects development. Our founder was also tasked with studying the Brazilian and European industries to learn from them as well as attracting specific suppliers of services and technologies that were in Chile. 

Key services

  • Project Management - from design to execution
  • Team management
  • Interface with European suppliers
  • Research & reports
  • Networking and representations in conferences in Chile and Brazil 
  • Report to Executive Director