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Background in a nutshell:

  • Oxford University, Msc

  • Auckland University, BA

  • Universidad Católica de Chile, Academic exchange

  • Coursera certified online classes in Data Science 

  • Trilingual: French, English & Spanish
  • Survival Japanese (5 years of academic studies)
  • 7 years of experience working with impact-driven seed initiatives

Meet Téa

Hi! My name is Matatea aka Téa (TEY-YA). I'm a social entrepreneur and the founder of Space2Leap.

Of French-Chinese descent, I was born and raised on the island of Tahiti, French Polynesia. Growing up, I spent much of my time outdoors reading philosophy books and immersed in my family political and environmental activism. 

My great-grandfather, Francis Sanford, was a French Polynesian politician who led the struggle for Polynesian independence from French rule, including a vociferous opposition to France’s nuclear test program in our territory.

My great-grandfather’s legacy is what inspired me to build a cause-driven career and use my talents to pay it forward. It is with that ambition in mind that I founded Space2Leap. 


“Throughout my journey, I saw too many leaders, ahead their time, and with strong instincts about what might be possible, failing to make it to the next step due to a lack of support,  resources or understanding about their vision for change. This absent early alignment of essential factors results in a missed opportunity to address our world’s most pressing and challenging issues and I want to change that.”

- Matatea Changuy

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