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Management Consulting for early stage impact-driven ventures

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Space2Leap is a strategic management consulting boutique dedicated to empowering disruptive innovators through comprehensive, politically savvy, and contextually intelligent management support.


We are a team of well-rounded generalists dedicated to the success of innovators in pursuit of world-changing goals.

We coach, consult, and facilitate forward-looking initiatives unified by a shared commitment to create a world that works for all of humanity and all of life, on Earth and beyond.

We make a difference by providing a specific niche of leaders the personalized attention, the specific support and resources they need to reach their full potential.

By serving and effectively empowering the leaders of tomorrow, we aspire to help them realize their vision and in the same way, spur transformative change.







  • Strategic Management Consulting

  • Project & Event Management

  • Business Development

  • Brand Development

  • Global liaising

  • Fundraising support

  • Performance coaching



We equip bold early-stage endeavors with the strategic and execution support they need to grow from ideation to self-sufficiency, taking them from where they are to where they want to be.

Our clients profile? Entrepreneurs, servant leaders, nonprofit founders, board of directors, scientists, artists, thought leaders, startups and global consortiums. Our clients range from individuals to complex networks of collaboration that seek to develop innovative solutions on a large-scale.

Niche fields we are excited about? Regenerative innovations; island sustainability; sustainable tourism; renewable energy; traditional ecological knowledge; climate change issues in the South Pacific region space sustainability; exoplanet research; astronomy.


What Sets Us Apart

  1. Niche experience

  2. Global network & multiculturality

  3. Passion, passion & more passion

  4. Co-founder mindset

  5. Boutique specialization


01. Niche experience - Leading large-scale, complex, multi-faceted projects is what we specialize in. With 8 years of work experience developing impact-driven initiatives, we have an intimate understanding of the management style, skill set, and mindset it takes to materialize bold ideas.

02. Global network & multiculturality - We are fluent in English, Spanish and French, have a network that expands across the U.S., Chile, the South Pacific, and Europe, and possess management experience across multiple industries.  Our exposure has enabled us to become exceptionally skilled at creating cohesion and collaboration among diverse groups.

03. Passion - We put passion and positive energy in every project we undertake. We believe it’s a paramount criteria when working on initiatives of a pioneering nature. 

04. Co-founder mindset - We care about the teams we join just like a co-founder would. We put skin in the game; we do what it takes to reach our clients’ goals.

05. Boutique specialization - We are intentionally small and specialized. This level of specialization allows us to go deep in the work we love.



  1. Space science & exploration

  2. Sustainability & data science

  3. Renewable energy

  4. Public policy & international relations

Our team's curiosity and thirst for impact is illustrated by the range and depth of the visions we nurture.  We are inspired by islands as much as we are by the stars.

Beyond their field and industry differences, our projects share similar interests in creating new funding mechanisms, rethinking governance systems, innovation in problem solving approaches and democratizing participation.


Project Blue - The Search for Another Earth

Moorea IDEA - Island Digital Ecosystem Avatars

Land Above Water - Energy+Biodiversity Moorea

Chile-California Council

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Matatea played a key role in the consolidation and positioning of the Chile California Council in the Bay Area. Upon joining our organization, she quickly helped activate local networks, increase impact and carry out complex projects that required the collaboration of scientists, businessmen, and government agents. Matatea has experience developing projects in different continents, which allows her to understand and execute in a multicultural and demanding environment."

- Juan Ibañez, Executive Director, Chile-California C.

"Matatea has had a positive influence on our organization, helping us to accelerate progress on a range of projects. She stresses the importance of achieving organizational outcomes and is adept at professionally dealing with adversity when things don’t go as planned. She has helped to maintain team cohesiveness, effective communications, and focus on meeting program objectives, often while facing key deadlines and milestones."

- Dr. Jon Morse, CEO, BoldlyGo Institute

"Matatea's commitment to the success and excellence of an organization's projects results in her performing above and beyond expectations. She is capable of working effectively in team or solo environments. In addition, Matatea is able to learn skills needed for the job quickly and efficiently, giving her the flexibility to undertake projects and responsibilities that require an understanding of multiple dimensions of a problem or task."

- Dr. Eduardo Bendek, Exoplanet scientist, BAER

"Matatea is both a strong partner and a warm, goal-oriented person. She is a good interpreter of developmental ideas, always contributing her positive and practical thinking and keeping projects on schedule. Matatea also possesses a rare ability to visualize a project's operational and environmental impact and is dedicated to helping understand and mitigate this impact."

- Alfonso Olea, Environmental Auditor


Every project has unique needs and we specialize in adapted management consulting. Talk to us about your goals and challenges, we'd love to help in any way we can.


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